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We harvest our own fields

100% natural, totally free from additives and preservatives.
Stable, long-term relationships with our suppliers and trading partners.
Anticipating consumer needs and providing authentic Greek experiences.

In 2012 our family, with special care and effort, founded a company which offers a fine fruit with no additives what so ever. Nowadays, the company Blikas processes and sells all types of olives from all over Greece. Based on our experience and education, we keep the products in high quality and under strict controls by supplying fine olives to the domestic market. From the delicattesen of Athens to the small shops of our picturesque islands, our goal is to provide the consumer the best of the best.

Blikas strives to combine our forefathers understanding of the olive tree with traditional harvesting and modern production methods that respect the environment in order to provide our customers with the highest quality Greek products of uncompromised taste.

For over 80 years our commitment has always been to combine only pure raw materials free from additives, artificial coloring and flavoring. We believe in using only the finest ingredients to create Greek authentic and great-tasting products, ensuring they fulfill high quality standards. Blika's unfailing policy has been and will always be having loyal customers, following roads of mutual support, cooperation and above all trust, which we have built together all these years.

A fine range of well cared products derived from our trees with no additives.

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