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Most consumers recognize Greek table olives either by their place names or their curing and processing. There are dozens of different kinds of olives, distinguished by either place or process, but only a few main varieties. All olives change from green to black and eventually wrinkle as they mature. One variety can produce several different kinds of olives (some might be green, others black or wrinkled, some brined, others preserved in olive oil, some whole, others slit or crushed slightly, for example).
What Does The Term Organic Olives Mean?

Organic olives have not been grown with any chemical pesticides or fertilizer and use natural, organic means to combat the olive fly. They are not processed with any chemical means, such as caustic soda.

What Is The Difference Between Soft And Crunchy Or Hard Olives?

Pasteurization increases the softness of the olives. Some olives are by nature softer, as they mature naturally on the tree, such as Kalamatas (Salt and vinegar help firm them up.) Nevertheless they should not be too soft. Pitted olives are softer than unpitted.

What Is The Difference In Taste Between Olives In Brine And Olives In Oil?

Olives in oil tend to be softer than those in brine. Olives in brine tend to be crunchier than those in oil. The main difference is in texture, although olives preserved in olive oil have a particularly rich, round taste. Olive oil is not the only oil used to preserve olives. Because it is expansive and because it solidifies when refrigerated, which many consumers don’t like, many producers use cheaper seed oils that have neutral or no flavor.

What Is The Best Way To Preserve Olives In Their Jar?

If the olives are in a glass jar in olive oil, close the lid and store in the cupboard after opening. If the olives are in brine, refrigerate after opening. If the olives are in a tin, divide them up in jars after opening. Refrigerate those in brine and store those in olive oil in the cupboard. Throumbes (wrinkled black or brown olives) should be refrigerated. Olives in ziplock packages may be stored in the packages, refrigerated once opened.

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